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There’s quite a bit of Oscar buzz around the new movie ‘The Post’ which tells the story of one week in 1971 that was an important time in our history.

The movie recounts the Washington Post’s fight to publish the Pentagon Papers which included highly classified information regarding America’s involvement in the Vietnam War; including that the US government knew that the war was unwinnable, years before it ended. A Vietnam reporter for the New York Times got wind that there was information being hidden from the American people, and made efforts to publish this information. Nixon tried to stop the presses, but in the interim, the Washington Post began publishing its own articles- a decision led by Katherine Graham who was the only woman to be in such a high position at a publishing company. This decision ultimately improved the credibility of The Washington Post- and on June 30 1971, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the media, giving them the rights to publish whichever parts of the report that they deemed newsworthy.

The message of this movie is both timely and relevant. It is terrific template of the way that men and women can and should work together, and sends a powerful message about equal rights. It is a lesson in standing up for the truth- the cost of it, and the importance of it- especially in today’s climate.

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