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Summer has arrived and we all know what that means! It means get outside. It means ice cream. It means long days at the beach. It means holiday. It means no school. It means barbecues!

On that note, I don’t think we take enough advantage of the possibilities of summer grilling. Dinners year round can get very monotonous. How often can you eat the same beef stir fry? Pasta? Baked chicken? Now think about how many times you would want to cook these dinners? Exactly my point. Preparing dinner every night is no easy feat. Not to mention the time and energy it takes to get everyone to agree to sit at the table, and then to finally eat. It’s a project.

But barbecues are a different story. Firstly, the guys are front and center and they actually enjoy it! If something needs more grill-time, Dad is on call. What’s even more remarkable, is that everyone is seated and ready long before the food is even semi-cooked. What is it about a BBQ that gets everyone running every single time?

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