Puzzled? You're Not Alone!

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There's a season for everything and this is most certainly the season for politics.

As if politics doesn't already dominate the news, there's back to back Party Conventions, with the Democratic National Convention this week followed by the Republican National Convention next week (followed by a couple of months of even MORE politics as the election draws near).

Perhaps now's a good time to focus on the "whole" -- that is the United States of America -- and not the just things that divide us into parts (is that why they are called "part-ies?").

One way to do this is to pull out a map of the USA. Better yet, a USA map that is also a puzzle. Better even still, a USA map puzzle that takes a whimsical view of life, from an astute and humorous outside observer and illustrator from the UK! Wait! We offer just that and you can check it out here.

By doing so, we can all start paying attention to the details that make up this country, and take every "part" and put it in the right place, until its whole!

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