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The Best Gift of the Season?

The data are in: the best and most popular holiday gifts were (ironically) our bound birthday newspaper books.

Why? Here are a few reasons:
1. Choice: 5 Titles are Available: NY Daily News, Washington Post, Seattle News, Dallas Morning News or LA Times.
2. Quality: These high-quality bound books also happen to be beautiful!
3. Way-Back-Ability: No matter what age the recipient is, there's a book for them. Some editions go back 100+ years!
4. Gold-Embossed Name: Everyone likes to see their name, especially when its embossed in gold letters on the cover of a personalized newspaper book from their special date!
5. Gift Boxes: A gift box adds that special touch to any gift!

We're continuing the celebration by offering these books for 15% off until Jan 20, 2022. 

Please use coupon code: holidaybest when checking out.