Order Early, Order Often

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It is not just election season, its shopping season too. Given the state of the world, we'd do well to adapt the tongue-in-cheek advice first offered in 1858, "Vote Early, Vote Often" to a new purpose: online gift ordering. So we'd like to encourage you to Order Early and Order as Often as you'd like by offering some insight and incentives.

First - the insight. 3 reasons to order early:

1) Online Business is Up - Consumers have moved online and ecommerce sites have experienced significantly heightened order volumes since April.

2) Efficiency is Down - Ramping-up production while tamping down COVID-19 is a challenge. Businesses who once had teams working shoulder to shoulder have been forced to modify procedures which can impact processing times. If you wait until Black Friday, it'll be too late for pre-holiday delivery of some popular personalized products.

3) Shippers are Swamped - UPS, Fedex and the others have been dealing with "holiday-like volume" for months. Same for the US Postal Service who are also awash in absentee and mail-in ballots. Have some mercy on these folks - shop early!

Now for the Incentives

To encourage early shopping we are offering discounts on key items from now through November 15, 2020.

All Newspaper Books - Get $15 off our Day You Were Born Newspaper Book as well as any digital reprinted newspaper book, including books from the Washington Post, LA Times, Seattle Times and Dallas Morning News. Use coupon code: Books15

Original Newspaper in a Gift Box - Get $10 off with code: Box10

Personalized Aerial Hometown Puzzles - Get 10% off any version by using coupon code: Puzzled10

All Personalized Children Books - $7.50 off with coupon code: Kidz