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It was a full year ago when you were so inspired, that you made a compelling list of New Year’s resolutions. Which means- if my assumptions are right - it has been almost a full year of disappointment. Sorry to sound so negative, but who cannot relate? What is it about the New Year that motivates us to take on resolutions and make decisions that we often cannot keep?!

I like to think of the New Year as a blank canvas, a newborn baby, an unopened bar of chocolate (yes, the chocolate belongs in that list).

There’s something about that newness which opens up a world of possibility, of hope, of opportunity. And who doesn’t want to be a part of that? So when the New Year rolls around, we join the bandwagon and start making lists of what we’re going to create, invent, initiate, discover, develop, you name it! Suddenly we can do it all. The project I was afraid to start- it’s already in the planning stages. The career change I was unsure about- no more second guessing! The dream I thought I couldn’t pursue- why not? Everything is possible. I am in charge of my destiny.

But, before long, we lose the faith, the drive, the passion. We actually forget why we were excited in the first place.

How can we hold on to that novelty?

(I’m tempted to write- I don’t know- but then this post would end right here. So I will try to come up with an answer.)

I suspect that we need to find the newness at each stage of the process. We need to re-new our decisions, our plans, our promises. Being prompted to make a decision is only the first easy step. But to ensure that this stays alive and keeps pumping- that takes work! We need to re-dedicate ourselves each day anew and find fresh excitement that will push us again. We may need to search for the inspiration, but it is there. We may need to fight for the results, but they can be achieved. Yesterday may have been disappointing, but today can be great! Each phase comes with new hope, new possibilities, and new potential.

So what is the secret you ask?

Instead of making resolutions that we are to maintain for the upcoming 365 days (yes that is a big number), why not start each New Day with a promise and a plan? When you take it just one day at a time, your passion can be constantly refueled to keep you on track. And I’ll end with this: If last year’s ‘failure’ prompts you to make a change, you’ve certainly earned the right to celebrate!

Happy New Year!