On the Arrival of Autumn

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Fall is a truly wonderful season because it has all the great stuff of winter, without the discomfort of frigid temperatures. Think hot drinks, hearty soups, cozy layers, crisp air and warm sun, crunchy multicolored leaves and a toasty fireplace. No need yet for hats and gloves, no snowed-in days, no endless cloudy days. It’s the perfect (and gentle) transition to winter for those of us who have a hard time saying goodbye to summer.

If summer is all about partying and enjoying the outdoors, fall is about turning inwards. As students return to school and routines settle, it’s time to refocus on our to-do lists, on what we want to accomplish and how we hope to actualize our potential. We may need to review past failures and take stock of what is achievable, and which goals we may need to postpone. It’s about realizing our strengths and weaknesses, where we come from and where we are going.

With that in mind, we’re pleased to highlight The Personalized Book About You as a great gift to celebrate any special person in your life. Based on the name and birth date of the recipient, the book includes colorful content and fascinating facts that will help the recipient see how far they’ve come in life!