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I don’t think it’s possible to discuss the subject of gratitude too many times. If anything, we need constant reminders to notice the good in our lives. Sometimes it takes a tragedy to get us feeling it (there’s certainly enough of that going around)- but really, we just need to pay closer attention.

Going through the motions day in and day out, the monotony can certainly get to us. Before long, we may find ourselves in a rut that leaves us feeling unfulfilled, unmotivated and unlucky. But what if we really stop to look around? To appreciate the beauty around us, to use all our senses to experience each moment and suck the marrow out of life. What if? I don’t know what that would feel like because I’m not very good at it. But do I want to try it? Heck yea! Do I need to try it? Desperately.

So now that Thanksgiving is almost here, I want to suggest that we all get a little better at recognizing the things we are truly lucky to have and experience. It might be the simplest of things such as noticing a clear blue sky, the smell of freshly cut grass, the sound of the birds chirping. Why not acknowledge how blessed are we to be able to see, smell and hear?! Let’s express appreciation to our loved ones too, to the people who bring meaning to our lives and help us through the tough times. There are so many ways to tell them that we appreciate them- even a simple ‘thank you’ is enough.

The better we get at feeling gratitude for the big and little things, our overall wellbeing will improve.

Why wait for Thanksgiving?

I’m starting today, and I challenge you to do the same.