​Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

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Yes I do love routine, but truth be told, this time of year gets me itching to get out and explore. School’s out, the weather is glorious and everyone else is going somewhere. You know that feeling? The streets are deserted, the supermarket is quiet and it seems like I’m the only one who is stuck in the city. (Does the grocery guy really think I buy that much milk??!) So, if you’re dealing with a serious case of travel envy, I highly recommend you put an end to the pity party and plan your own adventure!

To start, you can even explore your own neighborhood- I bet you haven’t seen it all. Now is also a great time to get to know your city and the surrounding areas (there’s probably no pedestrian traffic!). Get out and relax in the park, browse the books in the library or even stop at a quaint café where you can sip a coffee while you people-watch! (Yes, people-watching is a real thing and you’re not the only one who does it.) Imagine that! People-watching instead of looking at your phone- that’s what I call a real change of scenery.

If you’re looking to go further, the summer is great time to get out on that road trip you’ve been talking about for too long. The one that you yourself stopped believing you will ever do. But hey, it’s never too late to prove yourself to…yourself! Yes, please stop trying to prove yourself to the world. It’s a battle you will never win. So back to the road - I love the idea of a road trip because you get behind the wheel and you decide where to go, where to stop and how long to stay. No relying on a driver, a pilot or anyone else for that matter (well, except if you take a road trip with someone else- then of course they get to call the shots). Look, I know that there may be other perks to a road trip but that is certainly the number one purpose as far as I see it- being in charge! If you want my personal opinion, I say drive along the East Coast where there are some fabulous spots to visit and a lot of undiscovered beauty, history and wildlife.

Then of course there’s the world. The big wide world that is beckoning. For the free-spirited traveler who is looking for real adventure and the flexibility of exploring Europe, Asia or Africa without much of a plan, there is BUSABOUT. Have you heard of these guys? Just decide where to go and how long to stay and then you get the freedom to explore with other backpackers (or on your own). They call it ‘hop-on-hop-off”. You get the idea. Love it!

If you want to go all out, the Maldives is one of the world’s most exclusive vacation spots that actually becomes more affordable due to the rainy season in August. But, these short storms will not put a damper on your trip and you will still have the opportunity to enjoy a host of water activities such as diving, snorkeling and getting to know the local sea creatures. If you’re looking for real exquisite beauty and a chance to connect with nature, this is the place. You’ll thank me later.

Now for those of you who are the kings and queens of procrastination, and still haven’t planned any travel for this summer- and don’t know where to start- we’ve got some great travel maps that will get you motivated. My personal favorite is the Personalized World Travel Map because I love the idea of marking destinations with pushpins. I think that would make me feel like I’m actually going somewhere even when I’m still planning. So while everyone is out and about, sailing in Croatia or maybe soaking up the sun at the beach in Capri, I can be perfectly content while I plan my (next) summer trip, one pushpin at a time. And then when I get hungry, I can just head out to the supermarket, knowing there will be no line at the register and no shortage of my favorite snack, because they are open and restocking it all just for me.