October is Frightful, but September is to Blame

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In the Fall, my father always warns me to prepare myself for the frightful times ahead. He's not referring to Halloween, however. As a long time amatuer investor, he has learned first hand of the gut-wrenching, rollercoaster volatility that October brings to the stock market. He reminds me not to panic -- or sell -- even as the ups become downs and the downs become downright scary.

Many know October to be the month of infamy for investors. They cite the terrible October 29, 1929 "Black Tuesday" stock market crash or "Black Monday" of October 19, 1987. If they are true historians of financial ruin, they may even bring up the October 1907 Bank Panic.

But what if the seeds of October's disasters were actually sown in September?

That's exactly what some historians and analysts have determined. In fact, September has actually had more historical down markets than October over the years. Moreover, they point out that major market downturns in October were usually delayed reactions to events that took place in September or earlier in the year.

So while October might be the scariest month of the year, September may actually be to blame!

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