Newspaper Carrier Day

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National Newspaper Week starts on October 7th, followed by Newspaper Carrier Day which is celebrated on Saturday the 13th. This week honors newspapers, their staff and carriers of the past and present who are owed our thanks for gathering and delivering our news, no matter the weather.

At just 10 years old in 1833, Barney Flaherty became the first newsboy, hired by the publisher of the New York Sun. The only job requirement was that he had to show that he could throw a newspaper into the bushes. At the time, newsboys acted as free agents who purchased the papers at a discount and were unable to return unsold copies. Newsboys became a prominent fixture of New York City life well into the 20th century.

On October 6, 1982, President Ronald Reagan wrote a brief message supporting this day: “Have a very happy Newspaper Carrier Day.” Now in its 78th year, the theme for National Newspaper Week Oct. 7-13, is “Journalism Matters, Now More than Ever.”

Join us as we salute the hundreds of thousands of newspaper carriers who deliver the news to Americans each week and get a 10% discount on any original newspaper with coupon code NEWSBOY, now through 10/13.