New Products from The Seattle Times


We're excited to announce that select newspaper books are now available from The Seattle Times. As part of the effort to increasingly expand newspaper titles offered, The Seattle Times has now joined all-star line up that already includes The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and The Dallas Morning News.  

At present, two new sport books are being offered from The Seattle Times. These books, namely the NFL Team History book with coverage of the Seattle Seahawks and the Baseball Team History book with Seattle Mariner coverage, are available in the classic tan hardcover as well as the luxurious, full leather black edition.  

In addition to the sport books, we will be introducing a Birthday Scrapbook version of The Seattle Times which will include front pages from each and every birthday of the recipient.  That book should be available starting in early 2017.  

We are truly excited about offering The Seattle Times -- so let everyone you know in Seattle know!