National Grandparents Day is September 13th

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There’s something about my grandparents’ house that always feels welcoming. Even though they keep the door locked and bolted, the moment Grandma lets me in, I am transported. There’s always something delicious simmering on the stove or a hot chocolate cake fresh out of the oven- not to mention a closet filled with all the goodies a kid would ever want. Grandpa comes into the kitchen to say hello, the usual twinkle in his eye. And then they both want to know about me. What have I been doing, what am I learning in school, who are my friends…the list goes on. It never gets old to tell them about my life. They are always eager to hear more, and I love to share the small insignificant parts of my day with them.

Grandparents. Just the word alone conjures up a flood of memories from my childhood. The tastes and smells are so uniquely connected to them. Nothing else can take me back to those visits like the scent of lavender floor detergent, flaky jam cookies, the store-bought glazed donut that doesn’t taste as good when I eat it anywhere else. The oddest little things, really.

National Grandparents Day is on September 13th. Today we rely on grandparents more than ever to fill the role of parents as our schedules have become so unrealistically demanding. While this certainly takes its toll on everyone involved, the advantage is that thankfully our children are getting to know their grandparents, and the family unit remains strong. Our parents are sharing their stories with our children, and our children have caring relatives who can listen to them speak about their experiences and feelings.

On National Grandparents Day, we say thank you to our grandparents. We acknowledge their history, we pay tribute to their legacy and we show appreciation for the big and little things that they do for us and for our families. Our parents play such an integral role in the raising of our children; it would be remiss not to have a day to truly acknowledge them.

Tell your grandparents how much you love them. Get to know them better. Pick up the phone and let them know you’re thinking of them. Stop by with some fresh flowers. Show your gratitude by gifting them with the Remember When Newspaper Book or another gift that you know they will appreciate. Of course every day can be Grandparents Day; but if we need a small reminder- there’s a special day for them just around the bend!