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Maybe you have a bucket list of things you want to accomplish in life. Maybe it’s a mental list; maybe you never even wrote it down. Maybe you specifically don’t want to put it on paper because it always changes, and you want to be able to modify it as you go along. I get that. But did you know that an important step towards getting what you want is in fact writing it down? Yes, this is the prerequisite. If you want something, write it down! You need to put in your order if you want it to be filled. Simple as that.

So instead of obsessing over how you will accomplish your endless to-do list, or if there’s enough time in the day to be productive- don’t waste precious time and energy! Take pen to paper and spell out the things you want for this year. Specify where you want to live, the size of your ideal home, how much money you want, which big purchases you want to make, who you want to meet, what you hope for your family and children, what you need to accomplish, who you want to be- and all the rest! You can be as creative (and greedy) as you desire.

Once you articulate what it is that you want, make realistic efforts towards those goals, and trust that you can achieve them, you will! It may surprise you to find that things will move into place so that you can accomplish what you set out to do.

Write it down, work hard, and believe it! This is a recipe for success- and I dare you to try it.