Here's How Humanity Hangs On

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Puzzles are keeping millions of people busy these days, and helping them hang on and even have some fun too!

And you? Are you up for a 1000-piece puzzle from National Geographic's legendary "Photo Ark" collection? The Photo Ark collection of photos by Joel Sartore documents animals before they become extinct. Now you can gaze in the eyes of owls, tigers, turtles, leopards, chameleons while having a great deal of puzzling fun!

Salute to New York City

Everyone's hearing serious news about New York nowadays. Well, here's a light hearted and fun look at the Big Apple. This 1000 piece Illustrated Map Puzzle from renowned artist and humorist, Tim Bulmer puts the fun and fascination back in New York City. Makes a great gift for anyone you know who is "housebound" in New York or anyone who just loves NY!

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