From a Distance, There is IRONY!


Remember the beautiful Bette Midler song, "From A Distance?" If not, listen to it here!

The lyrics proclaim that the world, and we who inhabit the earth, are actually one. And that despite any differences among us, from a distance, there is harmony. Beautiful.

But from a distance, there's also IRONY! Outsiders can sometimes point out our quirks and foibles better than anyone else. Annoying? You bet. Funny? Absolutely!

The British-born illustrator and humorist (or as the Brits would write, "humourist") Tim Bulmer has prepared two detailed whimsical map illustrations filled with the humoristic irony that only distance can provide.

What's more, they have been rendered into challenging but fun 1000-piece puzzles which will keep you cozily occupied and chuckling on the least hospitable of winter days.

Check out his Illustrated Map of the USA. If you're a New Yorker, or one at heart, you'll love the Illustrated Map of NYC

Give one or both a try and get 10% off with coupon code: IRONY thru Dec 1, 2020.