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So Mother’s Day is upon us and it’s definitely a cause for celebration. Being a Mom is unfortunately underrated. Somehow it seems that the women who are rushing to work and pursuing a career are acknowledged for what they do because they are juggling so many responsibilities (and rightly so!). But the stay at home Moms? Eh. But I’ve been wondering how many of these working mothers actually have the stamina and patience to be home with a little one for hours on end? And if Dad had the option to stay home while Mom goes to work, would he jump at the opportunity?

You see, every day is truly Mother’s day, because Mom’s don’t get a day off. I’ve worked in many roles and in many settings. I’ve had full time jobs, part time gigs and I’ve filled in for teachers who were on maternity leave. No matter what task I’ve taken on, or how much I loved or hated it, no job has ever been as challenging as parenting. When we leave the office, we can (usually) leave our notes and to do list for another day. But as a Mom, our job is our life and our life is our job and it is the toughest work out there. It tests every fiber of our being, it challenges us in ways we never thought possible and it demands from us more than an employer would ever expect. You must take care of me even if I drive you absolutely crazy. I need you to feed me and hold me and watch me and help me even though you barely slept 3 hours last night. No you cannot relax or take a break. You cannot feel sick today. You cannot use the bathroom. I am to be treated with love and care at all times even if I am completely irrational.

You get the picture. There is no secret to mothering. It is a marvelous achievement to get through the day with (mostly) smiles and hugs and encouragement. Hey, just getting through the day is impressive! And so, without further ado, let’s celebrate our mothers. Today, tomorrow, every day. Let’s acknowledge the women in our lives- our mothers, our friends and sisters who are mothers, and our daughters who have become mothers. They all deserve to be congratulated for the awesome task that they have taken on. And if they are doing it well, then they are certainly succeeding at greatest job in the world.

There’s still time to gift Mom with an original birthday newspaper which is a wonderful unique keepsake for a trip down memory lane. Bring her a cup of her favorite tea and let her put her feet up. Tell her that yes, she can definitely relax and take a break.