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In a world where social media takes center stage, we know too well that Likes and Shares get the word out like nothing else.

We love our customers- and we are ever so grateful when they let others know about their experience with our company- whether it’s the experience shopping with us, or the delight of giving or receiving a unique personalized gift.

Our customers often tell us about the surprise of the receiver when they realize that the birthday newspaper gift is in fact an original from the day itself. We are grateful to be able to bring so much joy to you and your loved ones- and your Likes and Shares a great way to spread the word to others who may not yet know about us!

When you like our Facebook page between now and July 24, take advantage of a 10% discount sitewide with coupon code LIKE. What’s more, if you post a comment on our Facebook page, we will send you a 15% discount coupon via messenger.

It’s our way of saying thanks! Who’s in?