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What is it about birthdays that we only remember them a day late?** It doesn’t matter if it’s my best friend or my sister, I have a mental block. Sometimes I realize a month in advance, but then once the actual day rolls around, it totally slips my mind. It can be awkward, trust me.

Family Birthday Boards are available once again at AnyDate.com and we couldn’t be more excited. Now you can keep track of all the birthdays of the special people in your life, in a way that is beautiful, rustic and truly one-of-a-kind!

Each board is handmade in the USA and once you receive it, you will personalize the disks with the birthdays of your loved ones and then display it in full view! With 8 board styles to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect one to reflect your unique family.

Celebrating birthdays is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with our loved ones- and at AnyDate.com we want to make it easier for you! With this special wall-hanging, there will be more parties, more celebrations, and more reunions with the people that matter. What could be better than that? Whether you are getting one for yourself or the matriarch of your family, a Birthday Board is the perfect gift every time.

Now through March 23, get $5 off when you enter code BDAY at checkout. Enjoy the party (you’ll thank us later).


**Editor's anecdote:  I'm not sure if my favorite birthday greeting card still exists or not, but I remember seeing if for the first time circa 1989.  The message on the card was brilliant and practical, so I bought a bunch on the spot since I knew I'd be using them. 

The message? 

Text of front of card:  I have a foolproof way of remembering your birthday!

Text inside the card:  Two days after it passes, I slap my head and say "S**T"!

Still works every time for me!