Costume Party? Our Papers Got You Covered!

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Costume parties can be full of thrill, but let’s not forget that they can also be quite intimidating. Remember what it felt like to be surrounded by clowns when you were a kid? Unsettling is probably a good way to describe it. So if you want to avoid any flashbacks, I advise you to get into costume. Yes, you need to participate rather than simply watching from the sidelines.

They say that your choice of costume is a good indicator of who you really are. (Remember your bossy older sister who always dressed up as a policewoman? Yep, that’s what I’m talking about). So while you may be tempted to go all out, take it easy, because even though you may be in disguise, it can still be a dead giveaway of who you really are. Is this scaring you already? I hope so!

At our newspapers can help you get into character. For those of you who may be attending, an reprint newspaper may be the perfect prop to complete your look. In fact, a recent customer purchased the 1929 Stock Market Crash Newspaper and told us: "Going to a costume party with a 1920's theme. This stock market crash newspaper is the perfect addition to my newsboy costume." 

We offer many reprint options, or we may even manage to locate an original paper from the date that you need. Browse our site and let us know how we can help make your day truly memorable!

With Halloween around the corner, now's the time to consider a costume!