Did you also spend slumber parties as a kid making prank calls? My memories are of a group of us huddled around the phone while one of us bravely picks a number in the phonebook, and starts hyperventilating while dialing the number. We all wait with bated breath. Someone answers the call on the other end of the line and my friend says something about checking the refrigerator. Then she slams the phone down and we all burst out laughing.

I don’t remember what was so hysterical about a refrigerator or why prank calling seemed to be the perfect way to celebrate a birthday. But I do know that having fun at the expense of someone else never seems to disappoint.

Enter April Fools’ Day. If you are a jokester, you certainly don’t need a day like April Fools’ to get you in the mood. But at least you have permission to get carried away without the need to apologize!

The origins of this day are unclear, although seemingly it began in the 1500s when the Gregorian calendar moved the New Year to January 1st. Those who still thought that April 1st was New Year’s, were termed April Fools.

Another accepted theory is that the lightheartedness of the day has more to do with the change of seasons from winter to spring, than anything else. And I certainly don’t need any convincing there! To me, everyone looks like they are in a deep depression during the winter (myself included). Most people don’t even leave the house, and if they do need to step out because it’s been two weeks since they had fresh bread- they keep their faces covered as much as possible. I’ve seen people wearing the darkest sunglasses on the cloudiest of days. But you do what you need to survive. Once the weather warms up, everyone is suddenly all smiles. It’s like the winter just took all their worries away with it, and everyone is once again enthusiastic about life.

Finally, perhaps April Fools' is direct result of March Madness?? Maybe not.

Much like children feel on their birthday, I’d say. They are getting older and can finally do big kid things, and there are so many opportunities- so why don’t we start prank calling adults? Well, it’s all starting to make sense now.

So I’m not going to give away all my fantastic prank ideas- but I’ll just say this: trust no one this upcoming Saturday April 1st.