​An Ode to Dads

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As a society, we spend a lot of time discussing the value of mothers and their importance in a child’s life. And rightfully so! But some interpret that to mean that a father can take a back seat and doesn’t need to be as involved in parenting- because well, Mom is there! And while it’s true that Mom is almost always there (!), that is not to say that a dad is not as much of an integral part of a child’s development. A child needs both a mother and a father for healthy development into adulthood, and both parents contribute in different but vital ways to their child’s growth.

With that said, Father’s Day is not just a symbolic day to make a dad feel good about his title. Ideally, it is a day to celebrate a man who is an irreplaceable figure in a child’s life. He is the person who teaches his son to respect others, and his daughter to accept nothing less than respect. He is a role model of hard work and a pillar of support. A Dad can dispense advice and remain strong even when emotions run high. Dads are protectors. They are the best sport partners. They are the kindest teachers. At the end of a long day, sometimes only Dad has the patience to read the bedtime story, or make everyone laugh until their insides hurt.

A Dad is absolutely needed to be present, available and involved in parenting. There are lessons that can only be learnt from him, and his guidance and direction are irreplaceable.

Father’s Day is a day to show our appreciation to the men in our lives. To the men who have taught us strength and kindness, and to the men who are imparting these values to our children. We want dad to know that we are forever grateful for his impact on so many lives.

Happy Father’s Day!