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When I think of the new school year, I definitely get the jitters. Back in the day, I remember the many worries such as will I like my teacher, who will be in my class, which friend (or not friend) will I be seated next to, and the list goes on. This stuff is certainly enough to create full-blown anxiety in a school-age kid.

And today, there are similar worries but from a different perspective. Will my child like his new teacher? Will he be seated next to a good friend? Will he adjust well to the new demands of being a grade older? Will he look forward to going to school each day?

No matter the stage in life, there is always an adjustment period when starting something new. It’s often hard to see beyond it and to realize that with time, the initial concerns will be alleviated and we’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the journey (as we stumble across new challenges!). But until then, we need to respect the process and allow ourselves to feel all the uncomfortable feelings so that we can reach a place of stability that we have truly earned.

This is an invaluable lesson to teach our children- and like with all things- we can do that best by example. When a challenge presents itself it’s important that we face it head-on, as difficult as it may be. When we do that, we are strengthening our muscles for any future challenges we will need to overcome. If we choose to avoid reality, we are only delaying the inevitable.

And so, to all the girls and boys, and moms and dads who are embracing both the excitement and the worries that accompany the new school year, you can do it and you will succeed!