A Year in the COVID Era: Been There, Done That.

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It was about a year ago that everything hit the fan. From one moment to the next, life changed.

Last year, these were all the rage!

Since then, life has had a strange “on” and “off” feeling to it. Depending on where you live, sometime a sense of BCE normalcy (Before COVID Era) would return—at least intermittently—only to be replaced with the more CE (COVID Era) restrictions. And so it went…and still goes for many today.

A year ago, there was a surreal, if exaggerated “end of the world as we know it” feeling that permeated much of society. The stock market tanked (should have invested!!), colleges and schools were suddenly shuttered, and many businesses were forced to “pivot” and begin a work from home regimen that remains steadfastly in place even today. Everyone suffered in some way or another, but some much more than others and our hearts and prayers go out to those people.

In the meantime, there are vaccines that appear to be working, decreasing infection and death rates (thankfully!) and there’s hope that life can return to a semblance of BCE in the foreseeable future, and that is a wonderful thing.

Here at AnyDate, we can sense the changes by the type of orders that we are receiving. A year ago, our Hometown Puzzles and 1000 Piece National Geographic Puzzles were flying off the shelf, creating a severe backlog of orders as people around the country were desperate to keep themselves and their children busy with something more productive than How I Met Your Mother reruns on Netflix.

Now, it’s definitely different. Today’s orders are all about birthdays, many for recipients in their 90’s or even 100’s. People seem genuinely thrilled to celebrate with family and friends historic life events that have nothing to do with a once in a century pandemic.

That’s so 2020. We’ve been there and done that.

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