A Long & Happy Day for Dad

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Dads are lucky this year- they’ll be getting an extra long day of attention thanks to the Summer Solstice that falls out on Father’s Day!

I’m all for taking advantage of the extra daylight hours you are sure to miss when the summer is over. My first suggestion is to hit the beach and end with a barbeque. You can even let Dad hold the tongs! I assure you this: there is no Dad in the history of the world who would ever turn down such an offer. Fishing is also a great bonding activity that (hopefully) guarantees there will be dinner on the table. Your Dad will love the chance to show off his skill and score a good catch. Indulge him a little (just for today) and notice his proud grin as he shows you how it’s done.

There’s a whole lot more outdoor fun you can experience such as go-karting- for the Dad who loves thrill (they all do), or even an amusement park that the whole family can enjoy.

If your Dad is getting older and would appreciate something more low-key, maybe take him out to his favorite restaurant and order him the dish you know he loves (yes, do choose the outdoor seating). Is your Dad a puzzle junkie? This Father's Day Puzzle creates a message to your Dad while he puts it together, and will send him down memory lane as he revisits his childhood neighborhood. It’s 400 pieces but the day is long, remember? Otherwise, there’s always the good ol’ walk in the park, a fun game of catch or a even long hike if you’re up to it.

What a great day to get out and do something together, catch up on life and get some good advice from your Dad who has just a bit more life experience than you do. But hey, if your Dad is anything like mine, and would prefer to spend the longest day of the year in solitude, get him The Ultimate Newspaper Book and go out to spend the day with your friends!

Happy Father’s Day!