U.S. Constitution Jigsaw Puzzle

U.S. Constitution Jigsaw Puzzle

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    The U.S. Constitution Jigsaw Puzzle is a special two-sided 500-piece jigsaw puzzle featuring a faithful reproduction of the most important historical document of the United States government -- aside perhaps from the Declaration of Independence. On one side, the puzzle features a facsimile of the U.S. Constitution in its original format replete with the stylistic cursive writing used in such formal documentation of yesteryear.  On the reverse side is an easy-to-read transcription. 

    Made from high quality 1.5mm millboard, the U.S. Constitution Jigsaw Puzzle test your patriotic knowledge as you assemble it. The completed, color jigsaw measures 231/2 x 153/4 inches and includes specially shaped pieces such as the Liberty Bell and the US States that ratified the Constitution! 

    The U.S. Constitution Jigsaw arrives in an attractive box that can be personalized and makes a fantastic gift for history buffs, young and old students of American history and for anyone who appreciates the rights that make America great!

    Please allow 2-3 weeks for custom creation and delivery of your puzzle!

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