Old Map of Scotland

Old Map of Scotland

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    Our Old Map of Scotland is framed with brown wood that matches the color of the border of the map itself. This makes it look clean and professional enough to use for educational as well as decorative purposes.

    Although Scotland is known for its cultural icons like William Wallace, who helped lead troops during the Wars for Scottish Independence, it is also known for its beautiful hilltops and countryside. While an Old Map of Scotland may have been used to plan and execute battles over the years, this Old Map of Scotland or something similar to it may have been used to help with the allocation of resources to poorer towns.

    Whether you are fierce like the Scottish resolve for independence or someone with ancestors from this mystical, beautiful land, our Old Map of Scotland is sure to make a great gift or reminder of your past.

    Framed in a beautiful real wood frame that is approximately 1” wide and ½” thick, old state maps come in various sizes and are carefully packed for delivery.

    As this item is a true facsimile of an actual old map there may be slight imperfections which only add to its authenticity. 

    Please allow 3 - 5 working days for individual print production and hand-framing of the item in addition to shipping time.

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