Old Map of San Francisco

Old Map of San Francisco

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    Known for its steep hills and cable cars, San Francisco has long been a tourist destination for people from around the world. The Old Map of San Francisco shows the city at its height in 1878, just a couple of decades before the 1906 earthquake and fire that destroyed 80% of the city.

    You might notice that the Old Map of San Francisco "looking south-west" from the bay is missing one of the city's most famous landmarks, the Golden Gate Bridge. The bridge was not completed until 1937 long after this print was drawn by Charles R. Parsons in 1878.

    What the city is certainly not missing and what it still has today is a lively and diverse population and growing business district as well. As a result of the California Gold Rush about 30 years before, San Francisco was booming in terms of its population and commerce by the time Old Map of San Francisco was drawn. Old Map of San Francisco shows the city at a time when possibilities were endless and where dreams could indeed come true. It remains a city steeped in history but is also known for being incredibly progressive as well.

    Framed in a beautiful real wood frame that is approximately 1” wide and ½” thick, old state maps come in various sizes and are carefully packed for delivery.

    As this item is a true facsimile of an actual old map there may be slight imperfections which only add to its authenticity. 

    Please allow 3 - 5 working days for individual print production and hand-framing of the item in addition to shipping time.

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