Kennedy Assassinated Historic Paper

JFK Assassinated Historic Paper

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    The John Kennedy Assassinated Historic Paper is the full edition of the Evening Star newspaper from 11-22-1963. It provides detailed coverage of the tragic event that shocked the nation and the entire world. John Kennedy, the thirty-fifth President of the United States, was a popular yet controversial figure. His assassination in Dallas, Texas as his motorcade rolled through the city ushered in a new and troubling era in American history as Lyndon B. Johnson took the Oath of Office on Airforce One.

    For historic and educational value, it is hard to beat the JFK Assassinated paper. The assassination is still the subject of widespread debate and spawned numerous conspiracy theories. This Historic Paper shows how  the events were perceived in the nation on the day it happened.

    This is a full sized newspaper- dimensions are 22.8" x 16.9".

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