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Life - Original Editions of an Iconic American Magazine

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    LIFE - Original Editions of an Iconic American Magazine are just that -- beautifully preserved editions of original Life magazines!

    Life was started in the late 1800’s as a humorous periodical. In 1936 the Time company bought Life primarily for the right to use its name. The new Life magazine was launched later in the same year as a major weekly publication that capitalized on the growing interest in photojournalism. During the Golden Age of Photojournalism, from the 1930s - 1970s, Life was published weekly. As circulations for such magazines declined, it was re-launched yet again in 1978 as a monthly publication and remained so until the year 2000 when publication ceased.

    Our Life magazine collection is sourced from editions that are in the very best condition available on the market.  You'll receive the complete magazine delivered with a sturdy cardboard stiffener to prevent bends. In addition, a personalized gift card with your special message is included as is a heavy duty protective storage sleeve. Note that as originals, most editions will include a mailing label either on the back cover or the front cover, depending on the date of issue, which only adds to its authenticity.

    When ordering, we request a specific date that you would like to commemorate. During the years when Life was published weekly, we’ll strive to fulfill the order with a magazine published a few days prior to, or a few days after, the desired date. From 1978 through 2000, Life was published as a monthly magazine thus the issue provided will be from the desired month.

    Note about pricing: Some years are priced differently due to limitations in circulation and/or limits in stock. Specific key collector editions are not included in the inventory and can be priced separately if desired.   

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