Old Map of Washington DC

Old Map of Washington DC

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    While the city of Philadelphia served as the capital of the United States during and shortly after the Revolutionary War, Washington, D.C. as seen in this Old Map of Washington, D.C. became the capital shortly after both Maryland and Virginia provided land for this purpose in 1791.

    Looking into the city from over the Potomac River, our Old Map of Washington, D.C. features a view of the Washington Monument in the foreground and the U.S. Capitol building a bit farther back. The Washington Monument is the largest all-stone structure in the world and it's also the largest obelisk the world. It was built in memory of George Washington and stands a bit over 555 feet. After it was finally completed in 1885 (after a break during the Civil War and after some time for fundraising), it became the world's highest manmade structure, until it lost its title to the Eiffel Tower in 1889.

    The U.S. Capitol building, which appears on the right side (eastern side) of this Old Map of Washington, D.C. was not completed until after this. The first session of Congress was held there in 1800. However, parts of it needed to be rebuilt after a fire there destroyed sections of the building during the War of 1812. The final touches were added to the U.S. Capitol in 1863 when a large statue was added to the top of the dome, which is a little hard to see, but is present in the Old Map of Washington, D.C.

    If you have lived or worked in the nation's capital, then the Old Map of Washington, D.C. is an excellent gift that shows incredible detail. You can even see the structures of the Smithsonian Institute lining the National Mall!

    Framed in a beautiful real wood frame that is approximately 1” wide and ½” thick, old state maps come in various sizes and are carefully packed for delivery.

    As this item is a true facsimile of an actual old map there may be slight imperfections which only add to its authenticity. 

    Please allow 3 - 5 working days for individual print production and hand-framing of the item in addition to shipping time.

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