Old Map of Delaware

Old Map of Delaware

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    Our Old Map of Delaware illustrates the first of the thirteen original states to ratify the constitution. Delawareans are incredibly proud of their history and are known for their patriotic identity.

    One of Delaware's state mottos is "Liberty and Independence", the motto was originally formed in 1783 by the Society of the Cincinnati. The motto was later adopted by the state in 1847 (one year after this Old Map of Delaware was printed) and is now on both the state flag and seal. This motto refers to the states key role in the United States' great fight for freedom and independence.

    Delaware is the second smallest state in America, but what they lack in size they make up for in pride and patriotism. This makes our Old Map of Delaware the perfect gift for any native Delawareans.

    Framed in a beautiful real wood frame that is approximately 1” wide and ½” thick, old state maps come in various sizes and are carefully packed for delivery.

    As this item is a true facsimile of an actual old map there may be slight imperfections which only add to its authenticity.

    Please allow 3 - 5 working days for individual print production and hand-framing of the item in addition to shipping time.

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