Old Map of Chicago

Old Map of Chicago

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    Situated on Lake Michigan, the "Windy City" appears in the Old Map of Chicago. The third most populated metropolitan area in the United States, Chicago has earned a reputation as a city that values commerce, and a high standard of living. This can be derived from the image many boats traversing Lake Michigan to reach the city in this Old Map of Chicago.

    Chicago has a varied history that includes a tremendous fire that burnt down about 4 miles of the city in 1871 and the subsequent building of the world's first steel skyscraper in 1885. In the early part of the 20th century, the Prohibition era led to the rise of organized crime and "Gangland Chicago" was born.

    Whether you are from the Windy City or are just a fan of Al Capone and the "flapper" era, our Old Map of Chicago is an excellent addition to the collection of a "Chicago aficionado"!

    Framed in a beautiful real wood frame that is approximately 1” wide and ½” thick, old state maps come in various sizes and are carefully packed for delivery.

    As this item is a true facsimile of an actual old map there may be slight imperfections which only add to its authenticity.

    Please allow 3 - 5 working days for individual print production and hand-framing of the item in addition to shipping time.

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